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Tax Management

Through the use of management tools built according to the client needs, the professionals of the law firm act to anticipate scenarios and solutions, generating ways of control and predictability of information related to tax legal issues. The firm works alongside the managers to support them with the information needed to make decisions and to define the actions to be employed in favor of an active management of tax litigation.


Consulting and Planning

Legal opinions on the interpretation of tax and corporate legislation. Submission of weekly newsletters to clients containing news and updates related to tax and corporate matters. Planning for the rationalization of the tax burden, through the verification of the client's operations and the possibility of a more rational and economic performance regarding taxes. Performance in the legal structuring of business and corporate relations, corporate restructuring and succession planning. Acting in the mediation of corporate conflicts.


Mergers and Acquisitions

Assistance in the purchase and sale of equity holdings, financed acquisitions and public stock offering. Accomplishment of legal due diligence, which includes verification and review of all legal procedures and contingencies of the audited company, providing the measurement of business risks. Elaboration of corporate acts of mergers, acquisitions and other corporate transactions.