Our Compliance Policy

Clear guidelines aligned with the best market practices.


Enhanced Performance

Pimentel & Rohenkohl Advogados Associados, attentive to the corporate environment in which it is inserted, has structured its compliance policy in order to strengthen ethical and integrity principles in the provision of its services. It is the function of the Compliance Program to promote an organization that is guided by ethical and transparent conduct, aiming at observance of the law, establishing, by this instrument, principles, rules and provisions that will guide its internal and external relations with public and private agents, institutions, organizations, Courts and all those with whom it relates.

É função do Programa de Compliance a promoção de uma organização que se paute em uma conduta ética e transparente, aspirando a observância da lei, estabelecendo, por este instrumento, princípios, normas, regras e disposições que orientarão suas relações internas e externas, com agentes públicos e privados, instituições, organizações, Tribunais e todos aqueles com os quais se relacione.

Here our guideline of Compliance Policy - in Portuguese

Contact the Compliance Committee via email compliance@pimenteladvogados.com.br